2022 Spring Soccer Contact Form

We are collecting names of players who would like to participate in spring soccer. We will be offering 2 options for the 2022 Spring Season. Please add one (1) player per form, siblings should be added on an additional form.

Note: This form is informational and is used to gauge interest for Spring, it does not commit you to play in the Spring.

Local Spring Rec Soccer
– Players born in 2014-2017
– U6 and U8 age groups (age group is the same as for fall)
– Boys and Girls (Possibly Co-ed if numbers don’t allow separation)
– Weekly Practice and Saturday Morning Games
– No Travel for normal games (possible end of season tournament)
– Volunteer Coaches (we need your help)

Competitive Spring Travel Soccer
– Players born in 2007-2015
– age groups will be decided based up on registration
– Boys and Girls
– Weekly Practice and Weekend Games
– Travel will be required, half of the games will be home, competitive level will determine travel required.
a. older travel teams will be registered in Alabama State League and further travel will be required.
b. younger travel teams will have games will be scheduled within a 90 minute radius of Fort Payne.
– Tryout will occur in early January to assess competitive level of travel teams (for correct team placement)

Please fill out contact information in the attached form: https://forms.gle/qEyRQeKMQZNBFsEu9

Picture Information!

Picture Pick-up Details!

Where: Wills Valley Recreation Center (Lobby, meeting room or concession – Follow the signs)

When: Monday (12/6) and Tuesday (12/7) from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm

If you still owe fees from this season, please come prepared to pay those as well.

Note: If you can help us distribute pictures on those days/times, please contact Eddy Bolton via text at (256) 996-2445. I will need 5-6 people per day to help make this a smooth process.

Games tonight (11/4) are canceled. See inside for makeup information.

The fields are too wet to handle games tonight. We cannot move games into next week for several reasons, but we will offer a makeup opportunity for today’s games on Saturday morning. Your coach will be in contact with you to see if you are available and we hope to see you there.

Game times for Saturday makeups will be given to coaches tonight and they will communicate them with you.

Please also remember that we walk the fields at 1:00 pm to announce at 2:00 pm through multiple channels. We try not to make the decision too early because we want to get games in if possible and the weather can completely change in 4-5 hours. Your coach cannot tell you anything until 2:00, club management cannot tell you until 2:00, please be patient and wait for our communication.

It’s not a trick, games are cancelled (10/28) because of the weather!!

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Pexels.com

We always hate to cancel games, but it’s just too wet to play tonight! Maybe this will give you some extra time to finish up that Halloween costume, buy that candy, or add a last minute touch to your decorations.

Everyone please be safe through the weekend, have a great time trick-or-treating, and try to stay warm and dry.

We will be back on the pitch to finish this season strong (and chilly) next week.

Possible Weather Tonight!! Please Read so that you are Informed about Games and Makeup Pictures!!!

We are watching the forecast and we unfortunately have to announce a few changes for tonight. Please see below for the situations that affect you:

5:00 pm and 6:00pm games in the U6, 5:00 pm and 6:05 pm in the U8 and 5:00 pm and 6:10 pm games in the U10 divisions will continue as planned. If this changes, we will update you.

7:15 pm U10 Games are cancelled and will not be played.

7:30 pm U13 Games are cancelled and will not be played.

Competitive practices that would start at 7:00 pm are cancelled.

ALL PICTURES for today, either make-up rec pictures or competitive team pictures, ARE POSTPONED until Monday 10/25. If your team is not playing on Monday, please come and get your picture made because it will be the last make-up day.

There is still a chance of thunderstorms earlier, so please come prepared to battle wet conditions. If we have to cancel a game for lightning or other bad weather, we will blast an air-horn. If you hear that air-horn, the current games will be ended and you will go to your vehicles. Those games will not be re-started and you can look for an announcement from DCI concerning the next set of games or complete cancellation. We are sorry that we can’t pinpoint things more closely, but we follow local forecasts to be as accurate as possible.