Possible Weather Tonight!! Please Read so that you are Informed about Games and Makeup Pictures!!!

We are watching the forecast and we unfortunately have to announce a few changes for tonight. Please see below for the situations that affect you:

5:00 pm and 6:00pm games in the U6, 5:00 pm and 6:05 pm in the U8 and 5:00 pm and 6:10 pm games in the U10 divisions will continue as planned. If this changes, we will update you.

7:15 pm U10 Games are cancelled and will not be played.

7:30 pm U13 Games are cancelled and will not be played.

Competitive practices that would start at 7:00 pm are cancelled.

ALL PICTURES for today, either make-up rec pictures or competitive team pictures, ARE POSTPONED until Monday 10/25. If your team is not playing on Monday, please come and get your picture made because it will be the last make-up day.

There is still a chance of thunderstorms earlier, so please come prepared to battle wet conditions. If we have to cancel a game for lightning or other bad weather, we will blast an air-horn. If you hear that air-horn, the current games will be ended and you will go to your vehicles. Those games will not be re-started and you can look for an announcement from DCI concerning the next set of games or complete cancellation. We are sorry that we can’t pinpoint things more closely, but we follow local forecasts to be as accurate as possible.


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