United Soccer Club of Huntsville/Madison, AL and DC Inferno of Ft Payne, AL are excited to announce the partnership of our organizations starting June 1, 2020 for the Fall season.  

With common perspective, principles, and faith, the leaders of the two clubs are excited to start working together to provide the best soccer experience possible in North Alabama for athletes of all ages. The two programs are led by seasoned club soccer directors who have been developing young men and women through the sport of soccer in North Alabama for the last 20+ years.

Starting June 1, 2020, DC Inferno and United Soccer Club will combine ASA registration under the USC umbrella. 

DC Inferno teams will still carry their own name/uniform and continue to develop and grow under the leadership of the DC Inferno Board of Directors and Director of Coaching, Tom Shanklin. 

By partnering under the same umbrella, the organizations will be able to maximize their capabilities to enhance and promote the sport across North Alabama with the advantages of combining coaching resources and player pools.  This symbiotic relationship will help players and teams of all levels have additional support resources to raise the standard of play for years to come.

By working together, both organizations aspire to grow the game in North Alabama by creating more avenues for players to reach success in the game at the Local, State, Regional, and National level. Our combined goal is to provide the best club soccer development and experience for all involved, which in turn raises the level of play in the area high schools across North Alabama.  The ultimate goal is to develop the most successful club teams to compete in Alabama Soccer State League for Division 1 and Division 2 levels, while also offering the elite athletes opportunities to compete in USYS MidSouth Regional and National Leagues.  Unique experiences will now be shared through USC International Soccer Experiences, promoting players to opportunities to advance their careers beyond youth to collegiate and professional soccer careers.

“The quality of people in the DCI program, and the quality of players that Coach Tom Shanklin and his program develop will be a tremendous asset to our program in providing additional player support that will raise the standard of play when we share resources and we hope that the kids of our program can offer the same benefit to DCI. This quality of character is exactly what we look for at United Soccer Club and we are excited to partner with DCI to work together to continue this process of soccer development together for the betterment of the game in all of North Alabama.”
– Rusty Campbell USC Director of Coaching

“DCI could not be more excited to begin our soccer relationship with USC. From the depth of knowledge from the likes of USC Executive Director Phil Moyer, to the experience and iconic success of their Technical Director and leader Mike Latty.  The relationship we have built with USC Coaching Director Rusty Campbell makes the transition feel natural. Knowing both clubs put personal growth and player development as their top priority helps me know this union is doing the right thing, for the right reasons for all members involved.”

 – Tom Shanklin, DCI Director of Coaching