DC Inferno Coach/Manager Registration

Hello Coach (or Assistant Coach, or Manager),

Let me first thank you for stepping up to the responsibility of coaching/managing, whether for a competitive team, or a rec league team. We can’t run this program without your help. All of our coaches have a few steps to be completed that will fulfill the requirements set forth by Alabama Youth Soccer and also train you to be ready to act/react in case of accidents or injuries that might occur on the field. Always remember that the safety of the players in this program is our/your first priority.

There are 3 steps that must be completed as part of ASA’s Risk Management Protocol this year:

  1. Your background check must be submitted through Gotsport (this is a yearly occurance). Please reference this article for guidance to complete this step.
  2. SafeSport must be completed yearly (if you completed last year, then you only have to do a refresher course), and it must be accessed through GotSport. You must use the same email you used last year if you are returning or you will register as a new coach when the link takes you directly to SafeSport. Once you complete the course, it will mark this requirement as complete in your profile. Please reference this article for guidance to complete this step. If you coached last year, and are still shown as current, please go ahead and do the refresher and submit it now, as it will show you as incomplete on the date that it expires. We need to keep you current all season long.
  3. CoachSafely is required by the new law passed in 2019 in Alabama and you will need to watch your email for a link to come through to start and complete this requirement. We will send your email address to the Alabama Parks and Recreation administrators and they will send you the link to get started. After you complete the certification please upload your certificate (also email a copy of your certificate to dcinferno.ebolton@gmail.com) and it will be approved over the next couple of days by the State Office.

Choose the Coach/Manager Roles below:

Thanks for your help and we can’t wait to see you on the pitch this season,

DC Inferno Staff