Team and Individual Picture Week

Team and individual picture week will be October 5, 6 and 8 this year. Your coach will set up the picture time on a date that you will be there for a game and they will let you know when to be there.

A few notes:

Player pictures will be individual, and they will be digitally placed on the team picture. This helps us eliminate the chance that someone is left out because they couldn’t make the first date to be in the team picture.

We give your team sponsors a team picture every year to place in their businesses, so if possible try to be in that picture.

Dress your kids as flashy as you want for pictures, big bows, braids, etc. Just be prepared to take them out for the game after pictures. If you have a special ball, feel free to bring it to be held in the picture, but we will also have one onsite to be used by everyone.

This can be a high stress time because of everyone being at the field before their normal game times. Please follow the Covid-19 guidelines posted on this website, and at the fields. Social distance as much as possible. Please be as patient as possible with DCI staff and the photographers as we try to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Here is a copy of the flyers that you will receive when uniforms are handed out. Please try to have it filled out when you get to the field to save time.

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